Renishaw Coastal Precinct Plans to Become Self-Reliant, While Protecting Wildlife


If you’re a property developer looking for a new opportunity, look no further than the Renishaw Coastal Precinct.

We feel privileged to have been set the task of bringing the idea of a picturesque commuter town on the KZN mid-South Coast to life. As more sites begin to be sold, others continue to expand with growing success, and our vision is clearer than ever: Nestled amongst the beautiful natural assets the KZN South Coast has to offer, the 266ha of developable land we have set aside will become one of the most sought-after coastal locations in South Africa.


Of course, like any new development being built in South Africa, there are a few common questions that future developers and residents would like to be answered. ‘What about loadshedding?’, ‘Will there be a reliable supply of water?’, ‘How do you plan to protect conservation areas?’. We appreciate the importance of each of these questions and want our future partners to know that not only have they been considered, but our team are also actively working towards effective, long-term solutions.

Part of the Renishaw Coastal Precinct’s conditions of Establishment is that Renishaw Property Developments must install, supply, and manage all services (i.e., Roads, Water, Storm Water Management, Sanitation and Electricity). This means we have more control over the quality of service delivery and the ability to provide the very best solutions possible.


Reliable Water Supply

Being able to provide a consistent supply of water to our future residents is of the utmost importance to us. We do this by extracting water from boreholes and then treating this in a state-of-the-art purification plant in line with SANS. Because of the solutions we have already set in place, we were able to supply uninterrupted water services to our debut residential development in Node 1, Renishaw Hills, throughout the devastating floods experienced in KZN in April 2022.


In Talks with IPPs

While electricity at this stage is still being supplied via Eskom, we are speaking to IPPs to sign an off-take agreement to become self-reliant from an energy perspective too. Our goal is to effectively isolate the precinct from loadshedding for good. In the meantime, all homes at our first residential estate development are being fitted with inverters.


We are looking forward to rolling out similar solutions precinct-wide as it expands, and are committed to creating a sustainable, self-reliant development that can be counted on by all who live, work and visit here.

What About Conservation?

We understand the vulnerability and importance of our expansive conservation areas and we’re passionate about protecting them. That’s why although we have approval to develop the full 1300ha of our farm in terms of Act 70 of 1970, we’ll only be developing 266ha (i.e., only the hilltops).

The remaining 1000ha will be converted into conservation areas to nurture the indigenous fauna and flora, and re-establish the coastal forest, grasslands, and wetlands as part of our long-term rehabilitation plan. Our vision is to create a safe, tranquil environment where people have the space to live freely. Our commitment to rehabilitating, protecting, and ensuring seamless access to the beautiful natural assets the area has to offer is part of that vision.


For property developers, this means the ability to genuinely promote safe access to these conservation areas, and reassure future residents, tenants and the existing community that keeping these coastal conservation areas safe is an active undertaking.

Two of our most recent conservation endeavours include working towards reintroducing the highly endangered Pickersgill’s Reed Frog to the area, and a successfully restored wetlands initiative at Renishaw Hills that targets the removal of alien species to help re-establish the natural forest.

We look forward to expanding the Renishaw Coastal Precinct further in partnership with trusted developers to reignite the KZN mid-South Coast’s incredible potential. If you’re an interested property developer yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at 087 135 5555 or to discuss our various exciting development opportunities.

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