Renishaw Coastal Precinct: Get in First and Get Greater Returns Faster

An investment opportunity is knocking loudly on the doors of developers to take advantage of a new Scottburgh-based (KwaZulu-Natal, mid-South Coast) development that has unlocked huge economic potential. The Renishaw Coastal Precinct on the KZN mid-South Coast is a 2.6-million square metre, mixed-use coastal development that includes residential, retail, educational, health care and light industrial/commercial zones.

The Renishaw Coastal Precinct falls under the Umdoni Municipality, which, together with the KZN Department of Environmental Affairs and the National Department of Agriculture, have given the go-ahead. Included in their consent are the rights to develop a number of substantial properties.

The development will follow the Umdoni Land Use Scheme, the goal of which is to promote the balanced and coordinated expansion of the Umdoni municipal area. Set in a picturesque landscape, with neighbouring golf courses and stunning beaches already providing a panoramic backdrop, the five-phase development includes a proposed Renishaw Coastal Precinct Interchange to become the vibrant business and social heart of this thrilling new precinct.

The Renishaw Coastal Precinct is backed by Renishaw Property Developments, a subsidiary of the JSE-listed Crookes Brothers Limited, and its property partner, Crocker Properties. Success in the Renishaw Coastal precinct has already been demonstrated by the 25-hectares of Renishaw Hills, a gated, mature lifestyle village and the first billion-rand development in the area.

It’s the Right Time to Invest

“Opening the next phase of development couldn’t come at a better time for the KZN South Coast,” said CEO of Crookes Brothers Ltd, Kennett Sinclair. It has been a taxing, testing and demanding two years, especially for businesses, with communities also having suffered. For this reason, the Renishaw Coastal Precinct offers far more than a mere glimmer of hope as the investment it will attract will benefit and contribute to the entire area. The KZN mid-South Coast will soon become the talking point and place to invest in terms of residential property, commerce and tourism. 

Shareholder and director of Renishaw Property Developments, Richard Crocker added that this is an exciting project which originated 12-years ago. “The billion-rand Renishaw Hills gated mature lifestyle village, already successfully established in 2016/17, is the impressive launchpad for the Renishaw Coastal Precinct.” 

Crocker said the countrywide spike in investment interest in the development was a sure sign that people have changed and, therefore, their lifestyles have too. “They want out of the rat race and to replace traffic congestion, pollution and high crime for peaceful, outdoor living where comfort and relaxation, family time and bonding with nature take priority. But, they are not compromising on the quality, which is where Renishaw Coastal Precinct comes in, all guns blazing, offering the dream using quality structure and design.” 

The next step of the Renishaw development is opening the area to investors to take advantage of the mixed-use possibilities.

Chairman of Renishaw Property Developments, Mark Grant, pointed out that Richard has been instrumental in the establishment of Renishaw Property Developments and was excited to invite investors and developers to come on board and help to positively change the face of the mid-South Coast. 

Semigration is on the Increase

We all know that coastal properties have a higher value, and confirmation from Lightstone’s Residential Property Index for 2020 revealed an annual growth rate of 5.8 per cent for seaside residences. The envy of inland properties, which only had a 3.9 per cent growth rate.  

“There has been an increase in property investments along the KZN coastline the past few years with people heading to the coast to live there permanently,” said Renishaw Property Developments’ Phil Barker, who mentioned that with lockdown restrictions almost being a thing of the past, there has been a noticeable increase of those not being able to, or wanting to emigrate, choosing to relocate to the coast.  

Barker’s comments are pertinent considering the rising semigration, which has been propelled into the stratosphere by the Covid-19 pandemic and has opened wide a window of opportunity on the KZN South Coast for serious investors and developers.

Most South African semigration is to the coast. Why now? The Covid-19 pandemic proved that working from home is not only feasible but valued. Confined during the lockdown, people have had the time to reassess their lifestyles and are choosing to buy homes away from cities in scenic, more remote areas where there is less congestion and pollution.

Coastal areas tend to trigger fond memories of carefree holidays at the beach, and having more time to enjoy the outdoors. Why not make that a lifestyle choice? 

With this influx of people to the small coastal towns, improved infrastructure and facilities will follow. This is the ideal opportunity to appreciate the economic potential and realise the investment prospects.

Who is semigrating? Well, everyone from the expected retirees to professionals and businessmen and women and families it seems. (

Property moguls have commented on this trend for a while, and the chief executive of the Pam Golding Property Group, Dr Andrew Golding, told Maverick Life, “Semigration has been a significant trend in the South African residential housing market for many years… characterised, generally, by a move from inland parts of the country to the coast… starting in the Western Cape, Boland and Overberg but more recently in regions such as KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and the Garden Route, too.” (

Sustainable, Eco-living

While South Africa is still way behind regarding eco-living and infrastructure to support smart homes, Renishaw Coastal Precinct believes in sustainable, eco-friendly development. 

Renishaw Hills is a case-in-point. It commits to conservation and not only nurtures indigenous fauna and flora, but is also involved in the re-establishment of coastal forest grasslands and wetlands as part of a long-term rehabilitation plan.

In the story, 9 Property Trends to look out for in 2022, managing director of Only Realty, Grant Smee, said “Measures such as solar power, building with sustainable materials to reduce their carbon footprint, building homes with more natural light and growing vegetable gardens are just some of the trends that will continue, and grow in popularity in 2022.”

“Features such as these justify a higher price tag due to high demand by homebuyers,” he said. 


Don’t Miss Out

The Renishaw Coastal Precinct is set to catalyse an economic awakening for the area. The advantage of the South Coast is that you will still find optimal coastal locations at prices that will only continue to rise, which will maximise your returns. As developers and investors, we’ve seen this before in some of KZN’s largest developments, prime land with little awareness, and all of a sudden, it’s almost too late to get in. Renishaw is offering a technologically smart and forward-thinking precinct with the latest internet connectivity available on-site. For greater reliability and sustainability, the development will also have an independent water supply available, should this be necessary. 

With the area’s tremendous potential about to ignite, the developers are looking for the right partners so that together they can change the landscape of KZN’s mid-south Coast for future generations.

The Renishaw Coastal Precinct’s Leading Edge:

  • It offers greater value; property prices along the South Coast are substantially less than on the North Coast.
  • It is prime land with little awareness, for a very limited time.
  • Rights have been secured to develop a significant number of sizeable properties, and consent has been given from the KZN Department of Environmental Affairs, the National Department of Agriculture and Umdoni Municipality.
  • Renishaw is offering a smart, forward-thinking, and ‘future-fit’ precinct.
  • Awareness of the local community; a memorandum of understanding has been signed with the local KwaCele community to ensure their potential participation in the development projects.
  • The proven success of the billion-rand Renishaw Hills gated, mature lifestyle village, which opened in 2016, has set the benchmark for quality homes, while preserving the distinctive, natural environment.
  • Property on the coast has elevated value and a 5.8 per cent recorded growth rate.
  • Warm ocean, sub-tropical climate, proximity to Durban (40-minute drive).
  • Renishaw Coastal Precinct has plans to expand through a series of interconnected nodes with approvals for varied mixed-use development – for the next 20-plus years.
  • The target market is already on the move, and the development is in line with the semigration movement.
  • Renishaw was established by the Crookes brothers in the early 1800s, and their history is intertwined with that of the mid-South Coast.
  • Wide scope of investment opportunities: residential, commercial, retail, recreational, and education.
  • The business and social hub of the development will form the Renishaw Coastal Precinct Interchange, which will accommodate many firsts for the area.
  • The developers have a reputation for transparency and nurture positive and mutually beneficial relationships, social engagement and opportunity creation.

Investment with Value 

We invite developers and investors who are interested in a smart investment with incredible value, which aligns with our values so we can truly partner with them collectively, enabling an inspired vision. The Renishaw Coastal Precinct is awakening the South Coast’s potential.

Don’t be caught napping while investors and developers jostle for pole positions to partner with the development.

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